November 6, 2012


I've worked myself into a frenzy today. Besides a lot of freelance design work, and an impromptu sleepover of a bunch of 14-year-olds (no school for them today), these elections have got me feeling a nervous wreck.

For some reason this election has got me biting my nails and wringing my hands. I feel strongly about some of the candidates. There's a huge Senate race here in Montana and I think I might cry if the guy I want doesn't win. I know in the end it will all be okay, but darn-it, I feel like I might have cardiac arrest waiting for the results.

Meanwhile, I'll be glued to the TV tonight. I've always been an "election coverage watcher." I remember sitting in front of a tiny black & white TV in 1976 watching the electoral votes come in for Carter. Then again in 1980, on a bigger TV now (and in color), watching Reagan beat Carter. I begged my parents to let me stay up until things were fully decided.

Off to watch ~ have a good night!


  1. The edge of our seats.
    Fingers crossed...
    but I cannot bear to turn on the TV.
    I'm afraid I'd have it on all night.
    I wonder if I'll be able to sleep?
    So much will be revealed in the morning~

    1. I finally went to bed at midnight then woke up to find our Governor and our Senate race have still not been called! Now I'm back in waiting mode, but less anxiety now that the Prez race is done.

  2. I hope you were happy with the result? The US election coverage has been huge in the UK so I can only imagine the hysteria in your country!

    I love your new blog header, by the way. x

    1. So far I am very happy. Still some Montana offices that are undecided - they're continuing to count votes for our Governor and Senator.


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