June 22, 2012

Village Bakery

I love this piece of artwork called "Village Bakery" that I discovered on Etsy this morning. The artist is Kelsey Garrity Riley and her shop can be found here.

Isn't that little pretzel/wheat sprigs design on top so sweet? And I love the people and the window boxes and the shingles.

Today we plan to head up to the cabin in Philipsburg for the weekend. We'll take swimsuits and whatnot this time since it's supposed to be hot and Georgetown Lake is just a ten minute drive from town. I also need to work on the flower bed there, the grass is encroaching and choking out the roses, iris and bachelor buttons left by the previous owners. Gary and I are also plotting to make the girls go on a hike with us. There will be much whining and protesting to combat initially, but usually they settle down once we're on the trail and end up having a fun time, despite themselves.

Kate had a friend sleepover last night and I awoke at 3 a.m. to find them still awake! Yikes! So that means she'll be in rare form – somewhat dramatic and over-reactive – by the time we get set to drive around 5 p.m. Hopefully she'll sleep in the car. If not, hopefully I will.

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  1. Thanks for the into to Kelsey, Jenny! I like her work, too.
    When our sons were in their teens they suffered on a family trip to Walt Disney World. Soon after we got home I heard one of my sons on the phone with a friend telling the friend what a cool time he had!
    Have a great weekend


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