June 25, 2012

Simple Goodness

Ahhh. Smell those lilacs. There's nothing like them, is there? 

When I was in first grade I lived in Utah. The walk to school took me down a gravel road lined with huge purple lilac bushes. Even now, 30-something years later, that fragrance takes me right back to childhood and that road. I had a bob haircut, wore dresses and had a metal lunch box shaped like a school bus with Disney characters peeking out of all the windows. Isn't it funny how a smell can transport you through time? 


My garden is not great this year. Actually it's never that great. I always start off with gusto and then life gets in the way and the next thing I know it's the end of June and I haven't planted half of it yet and I keep forgetting to water stuff. But I do have a nice batch of different herbs going right now. Two kinds of basil, some cilantro, rosemary, and a TON of oregano. I'm rather pleased with myself when I make a meal and add some of my very own fresh herbs. Yay me!


Oh, look at this. I just found a photo of my exact lunch box. So sweet. I hated those old thermoses though – they always leaked milk all over the inside of your lunch box. So nasty.

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  1. It's so nice to us fresh herbs from your garden in cooking, and so much cheaper than buying the cut fresh herbs from the supermarket. I adore that yellow lunch box, it is so cheerful! I bet they are very collectible now.


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