April 4, 2013

Part 3, Evening at the Ocean

Evening is definitely my favorite time of day for a stroll down the beach. The rhythm of the surf, the slant of the sun, the screams of the seagulls. Barefeet. The ones I love. Perfection.

Emma gazes out over a the horizon, closes her eyes with her face in the wind.

Kate is the beachcomber. Scanning for shells and sand dollars. Finding tiny crab claws, smooth black stones, creatures in the surf.

And Izzy? She just chases seagulls and runs so hard her little back legs (chicken legs, really) kick out behind her at funny angles. Like a two-year-old, she would swim straight out into the waves without fear if we let her.

We walked, and walked, and walked. Then we walked some more.


  1. Oh my gosh Jenny, these are amazing photos!!! I'm ready to jump in the car and start driving!! :)

  2. Perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  3. TracyMB, I had the same reaction!
    I missed a few posts, so real-quick I looked back at those,
    but then went directly to a Google map, and then AirBnB!
    I want *this* getaway!! So beautiful!

  4. All these ocean posts are gorgeous! We too are morning or evening beach walkers. I would like to spend more time exploring this part of the world next time! I just adore the photo of your dog totally free and happy.

  5. Wow. Just beautiful. Your dog is having a ball.

  6. Are you still there? We are so close! Have you been to Arcadia Beach? Just south of Cannon, it is a little protected and fun to hang out when it is windy. I also love Manzanita-fun little beach town.
    Oh, how I love the sounds and smells of the beach, it calms me down and makes me happy. I'm so glad you're having a great time!

  7. Oh my, what stunning photos. That light is dreamy. And your girls are beautiful. x


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