February 7, 2013

My writing life

"Why can't I write?!" I asked the air
When I've finally found a day to spare
Me thinks the house may silence my pen
too much laundry, dust and lack of zen

I packed my bag and sought a chair
at the local Barnes & Noble, where
I thought the words would flow like wine
in the tapas bar on 3rd and Pine

But, hark! I found it worse than home
Distractions lurked like night in Nome
Poetry, classics, mags by the ton
I'd stopped writing before I'd even begun

Then spent the day with nose in book
Browsing covers for a Nook
Reading Oliver's latest poems
And pondering purchasing several tomes

At days end, I'd nothing to show
No letters written in a tiny row
Just a messy house, dishes in the sink
And a caffeine crash (from the latte, I think)

I called the day "a piece of crap"
My writing life is a lot like that.

~ Jenny Scheuch ©


  1. Jenny, what fun to take a peek into your life & through the eyes of a writer. I adore your style & talent...more please!
    ~ Karynn

  2. Jenny, You are good! I really enjoyed your poem! I'll join Karynn in requesting more! Have a great weekend, penny x

  3. How wonderful! You are talented. And funny too. Who cares if your house is a mess, YOU WROTE A POEM!! That is cool.

    Giilian x

  4. Seems to me you had an awesome day, just different from what you expected. Love your poem!

  5. A light hearted take on an all too real problem......
    we find all sorts of reasons not to write....
    like blogging for example

    loved your poem!

  6. Dear Jenny,
    Did you see me there,
    A kindred spirit,
    In wordless
    xx =)

  7. Yup, some days are like that, but I don't believe you this time. What a cute poem!

  8. Loved your poem but I don't see the day as crap, just life and real life at that.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.

  9. That looks like a most inviting (and distracting) bookshop.
    Since I've started blogging, I realise I really need to brush up on my writing style - it's been sapped of all creativity.

  10. Well, you did get a poem out of the day! Barnes & Noble and Starbucks are two places where I envisioned myself writing blog posts, sipping on a beverage, chatting with others like myself. The truth us that I can't write in public. I feel like people are reading over my shoulder and every time someone walks in the door I have to look in that direction.

  11. Love it! You've written more than I have done this month, Jenny. You've inspired me...


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