June 15, 2012

A Bird Love Story

In the tree outside Emma's window. The white fluffy nest lining is my dog Piper's fur, which is coming off of her in clumps and is downy soft.


A Bird Love Story

Long before you were here there were yellow birds in the tree
They wore gray shawls and built a house from
the Elkhound’s dust-bunny hair
The pair spawned a trio of demanding children,
which they tended diligently for just more than a week before
the three were gone,
catching a ride on a sudden short breeze, never to be seen again
And the two split then, since they had nothing left –
unless you count that time, before the eggs hatched,
when they hunkered together in a nasty Spring hailstorm.

– Jenny Scheuch


  1. Josie says, "They're cute pixtures. And it's a nice story too." So sweet. Jenny.

  2. Great poem, Jenny! Love the warblers too!


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