October 17, 2012

Hand Lettering Ideas

Back at the end of August I started a little homeschooling project for myself. I drew up a very loose course description on several subjects I wanted to delve into a bit this Fall and got busy trying to live up to my own expectations (sadly this is never easy for me).

I have to say that my "school" been so fun and mostly successful. Aside from skipping almost every one of my "Walking 201" classes (in my defense it was horridly smokey until 2 weeks ago but my instructor (me) is turning up her nose to my excuses) I've been carving out bits of time to do a little work in each area and I'm already mulling over class options for next semester.

My handwriting class met last week and I did some practice work on different lettering styles from the book Hand Lettering by Marci Donley & DeAnn Singh.

The book is filled with lots of good info — from the authors' favorite writing tools to full sets of alphabets that you can follow.

Aren't the fern letters tasty! You could make the leaves into holly for Christmas, add tulip tops for Spring . . . lot o' possibilities.

There were lots of fun embellishment ideas throughout as well.

I'm looking forward to using some new lettering techniques to address cards and packages for the holidays!

Yay for the dying art of hand lettering!


  1. That looks like a fun book!

    1. It is a great one. I just got it from the library but I may have to buy a copy for reference!

  2. Hello! Glad to have stumbled across your blog via Tales from a happy house! I too gave myself a little project this autumn on hand lettering...it's so enjoyable to make things up just for the fun of it!
    That book looks like it has some good ideas! Good luck with the christmas labels x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen. Hope you'll pop over again sometime.


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