October 22, 2012

It's Good to LOL

Here's my LOL for the day, click here to watch a gal who's discovered the joys of the distortion camera. Remember the first time you tried it? I remember my whole family was mesmerized for hours and in tears with laughter.

I love when it hits around the one minute mark and she laughs so hard she's silent for a few seconds.

For another chuckle you could read Natalie's post about her sons' preparation for a zombie party over at Chicken Blog. She cracks me up. 

Wishing everyone a good laugh at least once this week. Feels good, don't it?!


  1. Hee hee... that reminds me of the laughs we get while on iChat with my parents. DD likes to use the filters and I think Grandpa does too. So much goofy fun to be had. Thanks for the giggle!

    1. Those cameras really are a hoot aren't they? I still catch the girls and their friends playing with them on my Mac all the time - it just never gets old.

  2. That woman is awesome... her free spirit really makes her special. Ah, man... laughter is so great!

    And *blush!*
    Thank you, Jenny.
    Seriously. You're very nice.

    1. Laughter is great isn't it? And that woman's laugh is so contagious. I just love it how she uses all those silly voices, and laughs so hard that she's silent at times.

      And you're welcome about the link to your post. I read it again today (along with your sock art post) and I really enjoy your humor and writing.


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