June 11, 2012

Summertime Begins

Lots of fun and activity over the weekend. Both girls were busy with end-of-year sleepover parties, the state soccer tournament and all the good things that kick off this season of warm, relaxing days.

As for me, I finally tried my hand at stitching up a few of those pillows I learned to make this spring. They are quite easy and use an envelope type closure in the back. I started with the green print, then made the tan one, and then got brave and tackled the ticking pillow, which is actually three thin remnants sewn together to create the front. I really love how they all turned out! I haven't done much sewing and it's been several years since I made anything at all, so I was amazed with the results and congratulated myself several times.

Today is all blue skies and busy birds (I can hear the babies peeping up in the treetops). 


  1. They are beautiful. The fabrics look light and summery and clean. I can only make cushions with the envelope style opening, but they work so well and are so easy to do I've never bothered learning any other way! I really like that green fabric, such a lovely soft shade. Well done!

    1. Thanks Gillian.

      I also like that the envelope style is so easy to wash. Thanks for complementing my fabric choices. I like them too but after I took this pic I thought they actually look kinda Christmasy.

  2. Jenny! I managed to successfully add your great blog to my blogroll! Woohoo :)
    Your pillows are lovely and I think they suit all seasons. I have sewed very little, but an envelope
    pillowcase is a project that appeals to me so I am putting it on my wannado list.
    You and Rebecca and Gillian were discussing your paper passion...which I too have. I am 61 and have among other papers, saved a beautiful handmade-paper journal for 20 years and displayed it but not filled it lest my filling not be good enough. But today I am filling one page thanks to Kate's inspiration and perhaps you will want to join in the adventure.
    Joy to you and yours,
    Gracie <3

    1. Gracie - That handmade journal sounds divine! I can imagine it's quite intimidating to start filling it, but the older I get the more I try to use those beautiful things I've been saving. And I try to remind myself of the beauty in imperfection.

      Thanks for the link - I'm going to check it out right now.

  3. Karin Clark-CassensJune 12, 2012 at 5:54 AM

    Your pillows turned out great! I really love the one with the ticking. Hope to see you soon!


  4. Thank you Karin - couldn't have done it without you :)


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