July 26, 2012

Knee Deep

Well folks. My iMac is quickly slipping down the slope toward that big computer graveyard. I try to do what I can to patch and medicate wounds but it seems that I am definitely no internal medicine guru and I think it's on the brink of inevitable death.

Of course this is all happening while I'm knee deep in two design projects for a couple clients. Both are on tight deadlines and one requires lots of Photoshop work, which means I'm pushing my Mac to get off its sickbed and do things that make it want to throw in the towel even more.

It's such a desperate feeling, isn't it? These crazy machines have our happiness/despair in their clutches. Every time the computer freezes (yes, my Mac is freezing - who ever heard of THAT!) I hold my breath and cry a little while I reboot. Then I pray. "Dear God, please keep this machine alive a little longer. Please bring back that document I was working on and let all the recent edits be saved." Then it powers back up and I cheer loudly and sip my Diet Coke and believe in all things good.

Five minutes later, I do it all again.

So here is my post for tonight. I have no photos to show you because when I try to edit them to the right size for the blog my computer coughs and goes black. Curses!

Just an FYI (because I like to confess things I feel a tad guilty about): I'm secretly a little excited that I might need a new iMac. Even though I really don't want to fork out the money, it sure would be fun to have a shiny new computer with lots of new graphics and junk.


  1. Ahhhhh, Jenny, you KNOW I have some understanding of your pain/anticipation =)
    Hugs from Gracie

    1. Thanks Gracie - misery does love company, you know.

  2. Jenny, if you need a new computer for your work, just invest it one. It will soon pay for itself. Our laptop temporarily died a few months back and I went into total panic. I can't be without the internet, I use it everyday for everything. It is the first place I go to for information. We bought another then the first one was mended, so now we have two. Slightly ridiculous but very convenient!

  3. Your right that it will pay for itself. It's just such a hard bullet to bite!

    With your encouragement (permission) I think I might just go for it though!


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