March 28, 2013

Emma's Room

Emma, 14.

Her bedroom, as she left it when the bus pulled up across the street. My dear, sweet girl. She loves her bed and likes all the blankets and pillows to be crazily swirled into a messy, cozy pile. She snuggles down in the middle. She calls it her "nest."

There are lots of moments when I miss the tiny Emma. So much. Sometimes my heart breaks with the missing of her. But then I watch her from a distance or pause a moment to watch her face while she's sleeping and I catch glimpses of that same little person . . . it's still her. She's still the same Emma.

She's becoming her own person. Making her own choices, finding her own style, figuring out what it is she loves, what she dreams of, what she stands for.

The note to herself on her mirror makes me smile every time I walk by her room.

    Every night:
  •  50 jumping jacks
  •  15 push ups
  •  100 crunches
  •  1 minute plank

I remember when I started writing myself notes too. Making lists. Taking charge.

Oh, what a precious, joyous time. 

p.s. I refrained from showing you the clothes strewn all over the floor. Something strange happens every morning while she's trying to figure out what to wear, and the entire closet ends up on the floor.


  1. I'm impressed with her dedication to exercise. It's great that she's doing that at her age.

  2. A happy place - cosy with style. Clothes are so important at that age xo

  3. Missing the little, younger versions... I so get this!
    I love the updated model, but I get such a longing for
    the earlier *models.*

  4. I feel like I've just invaded a very private place...I hope she doesn't mind!

  5. Karin Clark-CassensMarch 29, 2013 at 8:28 AM

    love that sweet.

  6. I love this post! I see Emma. I see you. And unfortunately I see the old distant grandpa me. Thanks for a peek into your sweet life. You both are so beautiful and full of interesting character.

  7. I love this post! Emma is such a strikingly beautiful, multi-faceted girl. So happy and full of life. So fortunate to have a nurturing mom who loves her so deeply.

  8. Life springing up around precious. Thanks for sharing, Jenny.

  9. What a lovely and very touching post. It was fun for me to glimpse a fourteen's year old's bedroom and get a sense of what Bella's will be like in a few year's time.

    That list...such discipline, wow! x

  10. This post sure brings back the sweet memories of my 14 year old....20 years ago...oh dear!!! :) They will always be our little girls.
    Happy Weekend, penny x


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