March 25, 2012

Lovely spaces

My friend Karin lives in the most beautiful, historic home in the cozy University area of Missoula. Not only does the house contain many of it's lovely original features (see the original wood floor above - it even matches her papillon, Petunia!), but Karin is one of those people who can make a space even more beautiful with her magic touch.

As I previously mentioned, Karin also knows how to sew and so on my Friday visit she set up her sewing machine on the dining room table and got to work showing me how to make a cover for a pillow form. They were so easy that she had covered a pillow for her daughter's room in a fun zebra print within a half hour! I need to recover some throw pillows for the basement couches and this new skill is going to come in handy! Plus, I can remove them and throw them in the wash after the next time I host ten 13-year-olds who decide to eat a bag of Cheetos.

Sadly we got so busy chatting as she worked that I did not take the promised photos of the process, but I plan to make one soon and will upload step-by-step instructions so you can make some too!

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  1. Jenny, you make my house more beautiful by being in it!! Thank you for sharing your morning with me.



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