March 19, 2012

Teeny Tiny Houses! Oh my!

Recreation of Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie, Independence, Kansas

After ten years of talking about getting rid of the vinyl in our kitchen and having hardwood put down, we are finally doing it. It's nearly done and it looks amazing! I couldn't be more pleased. Additionally, we took the opportunity to replace out baseboards with something a little nicer during the process.

Then, just as I was feeling so excited and thrilled with the upgrades I stumbled on to a whole pile of "Tiny House" videos on YouTube. I'd seen one of these before by Jay Shafer who has a small company manufacturing these little homes for people, but I'd forgotten how much I loved the video. Then a quick search brought up dozens of more videos and before I knew it the clock was bonging midnight and I was still engrossed. There's this part of me that SO wants to live in a tiny house (I mean these things are like 200 square feet!). And then there's this other part of me that keeps thinking about all my pretty things, all that scrapbook paper, all those divine books I own. Oh yeah, and then there's my husband, my kids, the dogs, the bunnies – I mean who am I kidding?! If we lived in that size home we'd all want to poke our eyes out, or poke out each others!

But, oh my goodness, it just sounds so fun, doesn't it? And freeing – to be rid of all those superfluous possessions.

I'm definitely going to add "live in a tiny house" to my "List of Things to Do at Some Point in My Life."

Here's the link to a house I really liked. Just type in "tiny house" on YouTube for hours of video fun.