March 30, 2012


The Puget Sound during our visit last June.

This afternoon at 3:32 the girls officially start Spring Break and we're leaving on a roadtrip to the Seattle area to visit Gary's father, sister, and sister's family in the Skagit Valley for a few days. We're all so exited to "get out of Dodge" for a bit and head somewhere a little greener. The forecast there is calling for rain, but that's pretty much what you'd expect from Western Washington this time of year. At least there will be flowers and delicate ferny ground cover and it won't get below freezing at night.

Gary and I have made this trek so many times I think we could do it with our eyes closed – and sometimes in that really flat part of Eastern Washington I feel really tempted to do just that (take a wee nap) and then Gary will make me pull over so he can drive.

I hope to continue posting while we're in the Skagit Valley but my father-in-law is approaching his 80's so I think he might still be on dial-up internet?

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