March 27, 2012

Nesting like a Spring-crazed Chickadee

I don't know what sort of crazy energy elixir someone put in my Diet Coke this morning but I am busy as a bee and there's no sign of tiring out. I mean I can practically feel my insides humming with energy and you should see how hard I'm chomping on my gum right now! I'm. On. Fire! :)

So far today I've completed an invitation I was hired to design, nearly finished an entire annual report layout for a client, grocery shopped, painted the stair skirting that the flooring guy needs to install Thursday, went on a run, crocheted a row on my blanket, cleaned the entire car (oh the snack crumbs those kids create!), swept the garage, cleaned part of my bathroom, and squeezed in a lunch with two of my besties! And I have at least a dozen projects that I'm pining to work on yet today around the house – cleaning, touchup painting the trim, laundry, organizing the bottom of the pantry (I did the top last night!). I don't know what's gotten in to me! I didn't have this much of a nesting instinct when I was pregnant. Granted, I did have a lot of hip and back pain toward the end and walked around like a hunched old woman most of the time. You can not get a lot done in that condition. It gave me a lot of insight into how bad your bones must hurt when you're 80 years old.

While I was out earlier I picked up a few flour sack towels and plan to start mentally prepping myself to try something new – EMBROIDERY! I am sooo excited! This all started when a month or so ago when I cyber stumbled onto the blog of Alicia Paulson ( and instantly fell in love with her, the blog and her hand work. She has patterns and kits that are to die for! Not only do I wish she was my personal new best friend but I also wish I knew even the tiniest bit about embroidery so that I could tackle her Daisychain ABC's Sampler. But I don't . . . sooo, I'm beginning my journey slowly and with trepidation (what if I mess up!?). I dug up some needles from an old sewing kit we inherited when G's aunt passed away, I've now purchased the flour sack towels and I'm going to Alicia's blog where she has graciously uploaded a free embroidery pattern for "Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowels." There's a towel design for each day of the week. Perhaps tonight I'll pick which day I plan to tackle first.

*You can download the vintage image I used on this post at The Graphics Fairy

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