January 30, 2013

Paper Flower Valentine Wreath

It's the onset of "awkward wreath season" — that strange chunk of time where I don't know what sort of decoration to put on my front door. I'm completely sick of the evergreen/pineconey Christmas wreath but my full-on Spring floral one feels a little premature. In years past I've just left the door vacant but his year I decided to make an early-Spring option (in hopes of coaxing something green to poke through the soil). I also wanted it to feel a bit Valentine-ish too.

Last weekend I got busy with a few inexpensive craft supplies and about an hour later I had created this little cheery number. I'm tickled pink over how nicely it turned out.


~ Styrofoam wreath form
~ craft punch
~ fun scrapbooking paper
~ glue
~ ribbon for hanging

Simply select some coordinating papers, punch your shapes and start gluing. I started by gluing them to the interior portion of the wreath, overlapping the flowers slightly. Then I worked on the outside edge. Finally I began filling in the front, more visible portion of the wreath, making sure to vary the colors and randomly overlap the flowers.

With all the paper punches and beautiful papers available the possibilities are endless here folks. I can feel the creative juices flowing when I consider all the paper wreaths I could create.


  1. I love your wreath, Jenny! It's beautiful and so different from anything else out there. I haven't worked much with paper for crafting but it's a great idea. I agree about the funny time of year for decorations; I always love when March rolls around because I feel like I can legitimately put out spring decorations and leave them around for awhile.

  2. You really are influential....In my last post I linked to your post about making wax paper hearts. We are enjoying viewing the cheery red ones I made that are hanging in our front window.

    As to the problematical New Year wreath situation, I lol about your quandary since it was my own this morning when I came to our front door after driving our family friend to work and was confronted with a well worn pine one as well as a jingle bell wreath.

    I admire your solution, Jenny!


  3. Oh how cute is that?! I love it! I need to look for some pretty paper! It is hard to know what to put out this time of year!

  4. How lovely! I wish I had my own door to decorate with such a beautiful wreath ;)

  5. Must have read. my. mind. I was only today peering at the Christmas wreaths on our doors (we have one on each)and noticing a little brown starting to creep in. Decidedly past their prime. Years ago I made a heart wreath which has long since disappeared. Yours is so cheery! Thanks for the inspiration and the pre-spring 'lift'! Beautiful!

  6. Simple yet effective. Your wreath looks very pretty :)

  7. Love this!...so creative and it just makes your door look so HAPPY! :) Don't you just love all of the beautiful papers available today?
    penny x

  8. So very cute... and springy!! Not even any DC spills on the flowers it seems! :)

  9. This is really pretty. I think wreaths are a lovely idea but people don't really do them in Ireland, apart from at Christmas.

  10. Wow! You are truly a creative soul! Always something beautiful. Wonderful solution to this awkward time of year for seasonal decorating.

  11. this is too cute & it doesnt look too hard to make! great idea!



  12. It's really lovely! I do like a spot of afternoon crafting, it's so relaxing. I like your tradition of keeping a wreath up year round. I just hang mine at Christmas. You've inspired me to make an Easter wreath now. :-)

    Gillian x

  13. Very pretty! I am always amazed at how Americans love to decorate front doors with all kinds of wreaths for all seasons. You go to a lot of trouble to make them beautiful. It is a lovely habit.


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