February 1, 2013

Hello February

Here we go — officially immersed in the new year now. There's no turning back. Month two. And so soon? How time flies!

It snowed with a fierce force on Tuesday and Wednesday, then warmed to 40 degrees. Suddenly, as if they flew in with the turn of the calendar page, lots of little fluffy birds began flitting through the tree branches. I can't tell what type they are, but I know they weren't here last week, unless they were hibernating or something. I'm so glad to see them. They sing a little, mostly short chirps and seem to travel in groups. Their feathers are so flouncy, all puffed up to block out the wind and cold. Flying puffs of feathery song. I love it.

Izzy is putting on a little too much weight. I'm not helping her cause. I feed her way too many tasty morsels of human food. I know it's not good, but I just can't help myself. That face! She stares at you and makes a little squeaky sound or sometimes gives you a quick tap on the shin. "Hey, hi. That looks super tasty. . . and look how cute I am, all fuzzy and cuddly with my big brown eyes. May I try a bite? Pretty please with sugar on top." So of course I say "Oh sweetie, do you need a bit of cheese? Yes, you do!" She's starting to resemble a short foot stool.

See these stuffed animals? These are a few of Izzy's toys. She seems to have an obsession with tearing off their noses and giving them a slow death by removing their stuffing through their nostrils. Eeek. And poor duck, though he still has his beak, is suffering from a torn, stringy eye. Ouch.

Tomorrow the fam is going skiing. I, however, plan to start on a huge granny square blanket I hope will eventually grace our bed at the cabin. Snuggly. Plus I hope to read a little on this book and maybe write a poem, if inspiration hits.

Oh, and have you seen these? Classic literature turned into board books for toddlers. The needle felted illustrations are what got me. Brilliant!

Happy weekending!


  1. You find the most interesting treasures, Jenny! Thanks for sharing them with us....classic board books...I want to investigate =)
    Have a happy cozy weekend!

  2. One of our dogs is very prone to being overweight..and he has short legs so it doesn't look pretty. After finding ways to keep the other dog happy too, we have finally noticed he has 'shrunk' to normal and is fit and healthy. We will always have to pay particular attention to this one's appetite though!

  3. I really enjoyed this post Jenny, what a happy glimpse into your life. I miss the sound of bird song throughout the winter and I do love it when it's mild enough to open lots of windows and hear the birds in the garden.

    Love the board book. I bought this book


    for a friend recently when she had a baby. It's brilliant.

    Gillian x

  4. Oh the dogs in the snow picture got me! But then you had to go and post a picture of McKenzie River Pizza Company.....ohhhh I'm so homesick for some!! Where do you like to ski? I have never seen one of those children's books but what a great idea! I bought everything to do needle felting...made one rabbit that looked like a dog and gave up! Maybe I should try again!!

  5. Love this post Jenny! Oooooh, MRPC.... we LOVE that place!! Pulled pork nachos. Yum. Love the board books and Izzy's toys look like Max's after the first day. Looking at his Santa duck right now which is only there from the neck down. :) Great pics and post. :)

  6. love your now pups! & its ok i give my two little pups some people food too...they're cute faces are hard to resist!


  7. I love the book! No, I had never seen those before, but what a great idea. I will be looking into them.

  8. Ooh... a new Granny project...sounds fun!
    I love those large Granny square blankets. They
    are so much easier than patchwork. They work up
    so much faster too. What colors will you use?
    Have a great week,
    penny x

  9. Hope you have a fab time away. I can't think of anything better than sitting in a cosy log cabin crocheting away. I'd have pots of tea to keep me going. Bliss!

    Love the felted illustrated cover. Although I'm not quite sure how something like Pride & Prejudice would translate into a toddler's book. It's quite clearly a 'grown-up' book. I don't think a three year old would understand Mr Darcy or Mrs Bennett, for that matter. But that's just my opinion :)

  10. Oh the dogs playing in the snow, divine photo! One day I hope to have the opportunity to take my dog to the snow so that he can experience playing it!

  11. You certainly got some snow. We did too some weeks back but of course it does not last as long as yours.


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