February 5, 2013

I won!

I've never been a winner. I enter drawings and giveaways, put my name in a box for a free dinner, etc., but nope . . . I never win. And then zing! a few weeks ago Claire on Just a Little Less announced that I was the winner of her book giveaway and she would be sending me a copy of You Can Buy Happiness (and it's Cheap) all the way from her home in Staffordshire, ENGLAND. Yippee, I won! A new book, wrapped, packaged and sent from ENGLAND! How fun is that. The book is written by Tammy Strobel who blogs about living in her tiny home on her blog Rowdy Kittens.

I rung in 2013 with an oath to try simplify my life, so this book couldn't be arriving at a better time. I'm pining to declutter, downsize and cast away excess. I'm excited to delve in and see how I can move toward a life of less.

So far I have made some decent strides on my own. I've donated three bags of clothes to Goodwill, tossed a boat load of old papers and the biggest thing — we got rid of cable television. I don't know why but this feels HUGE. Getting rid of all those crazypointlesstrashyboring channels is something I've been dying to do for a long time. We just don't watch much television and despite all the channels (seriously, we had something like 300 channels), there truly was never anything on worth watching. The shows we did watch (Downton Abbey, The Middle, Modern Family) were all on PBS or one of the main networks. We were basically paying for a service we weren't using.

Now we are down to the basics, PBS, NBC, CBS, FOX and Netflix for streaming movies. All those cable boxes are gone and all the "mind clutter" with it. Plus we now have an extra chunk of change in our pockets every month. I feel lighter.


  1. That book looks great, and congrats on the win :)

  2. Congratulations! Couldn't happen to a nicer person! Way to go on the decluttering as well! I could use a litte myself lately. Off to check out that book. Thanks for sharing about it!

  3. Congratulations! That looks like a great book. Simplifying is wonderful, you are going to love it. We have not had cable for over eight years now and I don't miss it one bit. We do have Netflix, which we watch through our Wii, but otherwise it's just whatever channels we can get with our antenna. My kids have never seen Nickelodeon or Disney Channel or any of that stuff and I'm pretty happy about that.

  4. Lucky you! Yay!....The book looks really interesting.
    I know what you mean about the cable...HIDEOUS!
    I mostly watch TCM. I imagine if I disconnected, the $$ I would save could allow me to start my own classic movie collection. Good luck on your project to simplify. Isn't it amazing how much stuff we collect? penny x

  5. Congratulations on your winnings! I'm totally useless when it comes to competitions, raffles and prize draws. I never win anything.

    Well done with your de-cluttering. I'm doing the same here. We started last summer and it's been a gradual process but we're getting there :)

    I have to agree with you on the amount of useless channels around. We don't have as many channels here in the UK as over there but seriously, the rubbish that is broadcast is just mind boggling.

    We don't even own a TV but have a cable box hooked up through our PC. It's just the basic free to air channels available here in the UK and we have LoveFilm for streaming. It's more than enough for us.

  6. Congrats on the win (book looks interesting) and the decluttering, both should make you feel great! I decluttered a while ago now but it is still ongoing. Less is more!

  7. Congrats on your win... maybe it's the start of a new trend for you!! I had to check out the tiny house... oh my, it's tiny - but cute! I'm not decluttering as fast as my husband would like, but I'm making some headway. We reduced our channels a short while ago and am thinking of getting rid of more. It is ridiculous that when you spend $100/month on cable that there is rarely anything worth watching. Except Downton, of course. :)

  8. Hooray! I am glad you left a comment by my place so that I could find you!

    The book looks fantastic, I am in the same place you are with the decluttering and simplifying, simplifying!!

    I am so in awe that you got rid of the cable! Our bill just went up and the only one who uses it is my father who sometimes comes to babysit, that and the kids. If it was just me I would do it in a heartbeat. A friend of mine just got a $40 antenna and now gets the local channels and 4 PBS stations with NO MONTHLY bill. I am so jealous. I hope to add this to my list in the next year or two.

  9. Thank you for your visit, Jenny. I have discovered that we may be like-minded already. You obviously love "To Kill a Mockingbird" and you also like two of my favorite programs..."Downton Abbey" and "The Middle," which makes Wednesday evenings good ones around here. Now I have to look into "Modern Family." This book sounds like a good one and one that nearly anyone could put to good use. All the best with clearing your home of anything that just muddies the water. I'll be working on that for the rest of my life.

  10. Congrats on winning what sounds like a most interesting idea.
    Decluttering is always a good project for spring when the light starts streaming in and showing up all the mess we've accumulated over the winter months.
    I could live without tv but not without my computer/iPad.
    Have you tried Apple tv - it's great - you can rent a wide range of movies including new releases, art house and foreign, and also watch podcasts etc.

  11. Interesting to read your thoughts on getting rid of cable tv - I like the way it wasn't just about saving money but also about decluttering your mind/life. We are reducing our cable package for similar reasons. Most of the things we watch on tv are DVD box sets or I watch things online through bbc iPlayer. Think of all the extra free time we'll have!

    Gillian x

  12. Such a good feeling to get rid of stuff I know. I always begin this at the beginning of the year in my store room and gradually through the year as I 'spring clean' it gives me a chance to not put everything back too. Keeps it manageable that way.I so love that so many Americans love Downton Abbey, in fact are there any that don't!


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