May 21, 2012

The Blustery Day

Looks like our usual Spring weather is back after a long stretch of 75-85 degree days. A light rain is falling and the temps have dropped. Our local weather folks are saying this will be how it should go all week, which is probably a good thing. Our yard was already getting a bit crispy and things all over Missoula looked a little parched. When we don't get enough moisture this time of year it can mean a nasty "fire season" come July and August.

Emma and Kate enjoyed a leisurely weekend of playing with friends until the sun set on Sunday night. Emma and the clan of 13-year-olds watched movies, roamed the neighborhood, jumped on the trampoline, ate frozen yogurt, and had a great big water fight. Kate and her 11-year-old posse swam in the hot tub, had a picnic on the trampoline, painted nails, and videotaped two of their own short films – one about kids in the lunch room and one about girls camping in the wilderness. Gotta love all that creative energy. Remember when you were young, hanging with your peeps all day long? Barefoot, ponytails, nothing you had to do, just your best girlies and you? Ahhh. Life.

Over the weekend I made this quick, fun piece of window art that you or your kids might enjoy making as well.


Round up a thick piece of scrap paper - card stock works, although a bit heavier is nice. Cut into a fun shape – a star, a sun, a cloud (on blue paper would be cool) or whatever shape you can dream up. Using a thumbtack, poke holes in your paper to form lines, curlicues or shapes. (Use a piece of cardboard underneath your paper while you poke to keep from stabbing yourself.)

Ta da!  Hang your art with a piece of string or tape it to a sunny window.


  1. You paint a lovely picture of lazy summer evenings with your children - I am envious! I love the craft project, my five year old would love to do that (with supervision, of course!).


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