May 22, 2012

Little Red Table

Remember when I went to the Prairie Sisters Antique & Vintage Show in April? (I talk about it here.) Well, this is the little kitchen island that I fell in love with and had to bring home in the trunk of my car. Isn't it cheerful!? I love it so much. I'd been looking for something to put in that small spot and this is the perfect fit. Crazily, it was only $65 . . . practically a steal!


  1. What a beautiful table! A good find. I love the sound of the "Prairie Sisters Antique and Vintage Show".

  2. Hello Jenny, just noticed you 'following' my blog so thought I should pop across and say hi. Finding lots here that ring bells with me, so will be back to catch up with you.

    All the best from the UK


    1. Hi Lynne - Glad you stopped by! I've just found your blog as well and I am enjoying it. I love hearing about life "across the pond."


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