May 25, 2012

Good Weather for Ducks

Lots of wet. A little sun in between. Then a bit of grayness and drizzle. That's the forecast folks. Put on your wellies  . . .  er, I mean rainboots.

We head to Philipsburg in the a.m. to spend the long weekend at our cabin. P-burg is only a little over an hour from Missoula but a little higher in elevation. The forecast there says rain showers/possible snow!?! Ugh. We'd hoped to do some area hikes and other outdoor adventuring but instead I'm bringing lots of reading materials, yarn, roving, colored pencils and fabric. Also bringing a couple movies to watch with the girls and supplies for Gary to make "the big breakfast." He loves the big breakfast (eggs, bacon, fruit, papcakes or waffles, etc, etc). 

Have a good weekend all.


  1. It's cold and raining here too. The all too brief week of British sun went away. I though wellies (or Wellington Boots) were called that everywhere? Do you call them rainboots? I am endlessly fascinated by the way that Brits and Americans have totally different words for the same things! You say popsicle, I say ice lolly...

  2. Ice lolly?! I love that! And yes, we just say rain boots.


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