May 1, 2012

DIY Dog Bed / Repurposed Doll Crib

For years this little doll crib was a busy place – there was always at least one plastic baby taking a nap in it, sometimes a whole hoard of them. Sometimes they were all happy, like they are in this photo, and sometimes I could hear them all screaming as Emma and Kate busily tried to change their diapers, get them fed, and burp them (there was ALWAYS a lot of loud burping). As the years passed the babies didn't get as much attention. I'd walk by and find them all in a big pile, face-down, limbs everywhere. I found myself shuffling this crib of babies around in the basement, trying to free up space for the Wii dance mat or a gymnastics show. Then recently the girls have been sticking it in my office to get it out of the way when their friends come for sleepovers. Sadly, it was time to find a new home for the little crib.

Originally I planned to have Gary shove it up in the attic, but then I had an idea. I discovered that Izzy's fleece dog bed was the perfect size to fit in the bottom of the crib. I bought a half yard of remnant fleece from the fabric store and made a little pillowcase for the bed using the easy no-sew tie method (Google no-sew fleece for lots of YouTube how-to videos).

I kept once side open so the case could easily slip off to go in the wash.

I added Izzy's favorite blanket and found another addition in the linen closet . . . a heart-shaped pillow and . . .  Viola! Here's the finished dog bed. It now sits under a southern exposure window so it gets lots of nice morning sunshine.

This morning I found this . . .


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  1. Thanks for the great idea. I have both a little dog and an old doll crib waiting for new life.


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