May 24, 2012

European Yearnings

I think I've gone mad.

Ahhh, see just then when I wrote the word "mad" - that's my problem. I've been reading far too many British blogs lately. I'm reading them when I should be tending to the laundry pile I talked about a few weeks ago, or when I should be dealing with client work, or when I should be painting the trim that's been sitting unfinished for the last month. I'm reading them when it's 11:30 p.m. and I should be going to sleep, for pity's sake! It's all rather addictive – and it's got me saying things like "rather addictive" and "brilliant!" and "lovely" and all sorts of other fun expressions. I've been talking about taking a "holiday" and telling the girls to "don their wellies" before going out in the rain.

This morning I started Googling "Pimms" (a delicious-sounding alcohol the Brits are constantly swooning over) to see if I could find a local source when I thought "Jenny, that's enough now. Put down the computer and get it together girl. You are NOT British. We do not own a "loo," the trunk of the car is not called a "boot" and you are never ever going to call cookies 'biscuits' again." I told myself I needed to get away from the computer and start tending to my life – here in the United States (even if the computer is a lovely option on such a bloody awful rainy day).

Life's hard. You realize that there are these other cool lives out there, in these really great places – but the bottom line is that you're not going to be able to live those lives. They're someone else's. You're just going to be living yours. That's it. Just yours.

I won't ever be British. I won't ever live in one of those 300-year-old stone cottages or take a holiday at the sea. Sure, I could move there. I could drink a lot of tea and walk along the hedgerows but I won't ever get to be British. And chances are I won't ever move there either. I know all those brave people on House Hunters International do it (I love that show). They sell all their belongings and hop across the pond to start a new adventure. But the reality is that there are a LOT of hurdles to jump to accomplish something like that – plus my kids and my husband would throw major hissy fits.

So, for now I will try to cut back on my Brit Blog addiction. I will try to sound more American when I talk (I was starting to freak out the kids) and I will try to enjoy all the things that make my life unique and exciting.



  1. Karin Clark-CassensMay 25, 2012 at 6:39 AM

    Jenny, you are the best! I laughed so hard when I read this! Your table looks fabulous, by the way. You even added the special touch of the paper banner!

  2. Delightful! (: I linked to you from Alicia's site and I am so glad I did! I have only been blogging for ten months, but I hope to come visit you again. [I am still smiling!]

    1. I am so glad you stopped by! I've only been blogging a few months but I'm having so much fun. I hopped on to your blot and see you are a Massachusettes/Missouri gal. I have lived both places too!

  3. oh you have made me laugh! I was on Alicia Poulson's blog and clicked on your link (isn't it funny how sometimes there is just 'something' that makes you want to click and visit a blog?). I'm so glad I did.

    Well I AM British, and I love a glass of cold Pimm's on a hot day, I love rain in summertime, I'm not a fan of tennis, but I fully understand it will take over the telly for two weeks, I drink tea non stop, and say 'brillant' far too much!

    But. I know what you mean about being inspired by blogs from elsewhere. I'm always curious about foodstuffs, and collect Gooseberry Patch books (your casseroles are so different to ours), I buy tins of pumpkin each year so I can make pumpkin pie, and just recently I bought blue boxes of macaroni cheese - sorry, I mean macaroni & cheese (which I loved!). I think that's the best part about blogging. Getting to travel without leaving home, and being totally inspired to try new things.

    Love your blog.
    Enjoy the weekend. It's a Bank Holiday one here, because of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I've never seen so much bunting and flags in all my born days!

    1. I wish I could be there to see all that bunting and flag splendor! Lucky you!

      I think you're right about blogging being a great way to virtually travel and find inspiration from all over the world. It's like having pen-pals without having to wait for the slow mail to arrive!

      Enjoy the holiday there.

    2. p.s. I love the word "telly" too. So much more fun than saying "TV"

  4. Jenny, I have just read this and it made me laugh so much! I didn't realise "brilliant" and "lovely" were such British words! Please don't cut back on your Brit blog addiction, I would miss you.

    The grass is always greener...I read so many American blogs with envy, people with their large houses and gardens (sorry, back yards ;-)) - space is such a premium in the UK. I live in a very ordinary house in an ordinary town. I have always loved the US and it's traditions, food, language (I find myself saying "awesome" a lot lately) and people and I like the way blogging links people up all over the world.

    Anyway, Cheerio! (by the way, no-one seems to say cheerio in the UK anymore - I will resurrect it!)

  5. No worries Gillian. I can't seem to stop the habit. Besides, you're right, blogging is great for linking folks from all over the world. Maybe it's the answer to world peace!?

    Keep saying "awesome" and I'll keep saying "brilliant." You could even add a "totally" in front of the "awesome" for more affect - although then you might sound like a 1980's American. :)


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