May 16, 2012

Bookworm Wednesday

There are certain children's books that I claim I "bought for my children" when in fact I bought them for myself. "Whose House Is This?" by Graham Percy is one of those books – although in the end my kids loved it too. 

I've always been a sucker for houses . . . real houses (quaint ones, tiny ones, cottagey ones), dollhouses, aquariums decorated like houses for their inhabitants, you name it. So when I see a book like this one, I know it's coming home with me.

This extra large board book features 26 people who inhabit a letter of the alphabet. The Letter houses are decked out with curb appeal on the outside, then lift the flap and see the HGTV-style interiors. From Andrew the Astronaut living in his letter A to Zelda the Zoo Keeper who keeps her office in her letter Z, each letter is an exploration in detail.

Here's Ursula's home. Looks like she does her upholstery work downstairs and lives upstairs.

Here's Fred's place. I really think I could live here. His bed looks so cozy and I like his clothesline (and his cute dog).

This is the front of Ned's house. He's a naturatlist. Great location, Ned.

Here's Xavier, busy at his Xray Tech job. Geez - he needs a window so he can enjoy that view!

A favorite in our family was Debbie the Dancer, who wanted to be a prima ballerina, just like my Emma. I can tell this door has been opened MANY times by the worn edges.

Man, I love this book!

Now, the terrible news – I went to Amazon to find you a link and discovered that it is out of print! WHAT?! Well, that is just SAD. Although my copy seems to be worth a fair amount now, which is good for me I guess.

Happy reading!

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