September 24, 2012

Licking the fire pit

For the last month or it's just smelled like a big ol' camp fire outside, but it's getting worse out there and today it plain feels like you're LICKING the fire pit.

This business of living in a smoke-filled world is getting really old. Warm weather and zero precipitation means forest fires around the state continue to burn and burn, and there's no rain in the forecast. All outdoor sporting events and practices have been cancelled, and people are cautioned to mostly stay indoors. Emma's developed a persistent cough.

By coincidence I'm in the thick of reading the book The Worst Hard Time about the dust bowl and I feel like I'm getting some first-hand insight into how things must have been for those folks. Although, I don't have pounds of dirt blowing in through every crack in the house and I'm not living in a dwelling made of sod (praise the Lord, THAT sounds like a small piece of hell). Also, I have plenty of drinking water and my livelihood doesn't depend on rain coming . . . 

. . . okay, I hear what you're thinking . . . "Jenny, your experience in NO WAY compares to the dust bowl!" 

Yeah, I see that now. Nevermind.


  1. How awful - I assumed forest fires only happened in the summer. We have plenty of rain here (and some flooding too) as a month's worth of rain fell yesterday apparently - I wish we could send it over to you. You're post did make me chuckle though!

    1. Yes, the fires are an end-of-summer thing and are usually done by now. It's just been such a dry few months that they keep burning. Ugh. I think just one good rainy day would do the trick.


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