September 11, 2012

Cattails & Chrysanthemum Tea

Iced Chrysanthemum Tea
(for sipping on a warm September afternoon)

  • Bring one cup of water to a boil.
  • Add one tablespoon of dried chrysanthemum flowers. 
  • Simmer for 2-5 minutes (the longer it simmers, the strong the flavor and color). Add sugar or honey to taste (optional) and stir to dissolve. 
  • Remove from heat, strain, and serve chilled. 

“September: it was the most beautiful of words, he’d always felt, evoking orange-flowers, swallows, and regret.” 

               - Alexander Theroux



  1. Thank you, Jenny, for the BEAUTIFUL photos and the tea recipe! I did not know one could make Chrysanthemums into tea. I think it would be lovely to try!
    Gracie xxx

  2. Beautiful post Jenny. I am not a tea drinker, but I would have to try the recipe if I were. I am a drinker-inner of blue skies though... and your Montana skies are lovely. :)


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