September 18, 2012

Audrey and Yorkies

Izzy watching for birds.

Since this blog is partly named after Audrey Hepburn I thought I should tell you that Audrey had a yorkie. His name was Mr. Famous.

I didn't know that when I got Izzy, but I like the happy coincidence and I LOVE my yorkie. Owning a yorkie is a lot like owning an overly happy cat that loves to snuggle and doesn't shed. Plus, my yorkie thinks she's really a big dog so she likes to protect our yard from deer and wrestle with our labrador and elkhound.

Some other things Izzy does that make me love her even more every day:

1.  Curls up in a TEENY ball when she sleeps and tuck her head like a duck

2.  Acts SUPER excited to see us when we come in the door, even if we were only gone a minute to get the mail

3.  When she's sleepy her eyes start getting squinty and she will nod off like a person does when they are in a boring college lecture

4.  Follows me all around the house the entire day

5. When you're petting her tummy and then you stop she reaches up and pats you to urge you to keep going

6. When you laugh really hard or sniff she comes running and licks your face to make sure you're okay

7. When she's sleepy and you pick her up she makes tiny BABY noises

8. She is CrAzY about dog toys in a way I've never witnessed with another dog. She has her own toy basket and she pulls them out and plays with them or brings them to us so we'll play with her. At night I go around and pick up all her toys, just like I used to do when the kids were toddlers.

9. Her right back leg kicks out the side when she runs really fast

10. She loves to go on car rides and is a very good traveler

11. She lays in sunny spots on the floor and loves to sit on the porch swing with me

12.  She will wear little clothes without complaint, although we don't make her do that very often

*sigh* So glad I have Izzy.

Audrey and 
Mr. Famous


  1. What a sweetheart.
    We came )( this close to adopting a dog this week.
    Stories like yours make it hard to resist.
    Some day... and in the meantime, I am going to delight in Izzy posts!

    1. Oh, it's so hard to turn doggies away, isn't it? I actually found Izzy on Craigslist. She was just five months old and the family couldn't keep her. I felt so lucky.

  2. Ohhh, we want a dog and have been looking but haven't found the "one". I've never thought of a little dog like a Yorkie cause I'm more of a Golden, Lab kinda girl, but your description of Izzy makes me just melt, that's the kind of doggie I want! I'll start researching-thanks :)

  3. Oh she sounds... perfectly scrumptious! Macy would love to have a teeny dog that loves to be carried and cuddled. I must keep this post hidden from her at all costs. DH is a one dog at a time kind of guy.

    Love how you've listed all of the things that make her special. Please give Izzy a smooch from me. :)

    1. Smooches given! And snuggles for Macy's sake. :)

  4. Izzy is precious! I am happy you are a part of each other's lives :) Thanks for introducing us and letting me enjoy your relationship, too, Jenny.
    xx from Gracie

    1. Thanks for reading, as always Gracie. Hope all is good in your world.

  5. Oh, that's so lovely! She sounds like a rather lovely dog. Hubby and I are love dogs very much, and often toy with the idea of getting one, but can't quite commit to it.


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