September 28, 2012

Gifties Extraordinaire

Fun little goodies to keep me happy and busy. What a splendid selection of birthday gifts from family and dear friends. I'm such a lucky gal, to be wrapped in such love and kindness. 

~ Folded Paper Flowers Kit (paper!)
~ Subscription to The Sun magazine
~ Ornament Kit by my idol — the incredibly talented Alicia Paulson 
(Posie Gets Cozy blog)

~ Sweet little doll  (sitting among my serving dishes)

~ Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon 
~ Case for my laptop, with matching mouse pad 

~ New Camera for better blog photos! I'm super excited to start snapping pix. 

We leave tomorrow for a weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming — so I should have lots of great subject matter. 

My favorite bits of all came from my daughters who each crafted a handmade card. They will be tucked away for safe keeping and re-read a million times.

From Emma:

I hope you have a great birthday! To be honest I kinda forgot how old you're turning so I'm just gonna say 22 :) I also think you're crazy how you didn't want cake for your birthday! But that's okay. Whatever floats your boat :)
I hope you and Izzy live till you're 100! haha enjoy your b-day!

From Kate:

Dear Mom,
I can not believe you are 43! It seems like you're still like thirty-something. I think you are the best mom and I am not just saying that. Every time other people write birthday or mother's day cards that are like "You're the best mom ever" I think "Girl, you be trippin'. We all know the truth. MY mom's best."
Anyways you have always stuck by me . . . yadee yadee. But never forget (unless you get amnesia) I love you


  1. Lucky you!! I noticed on Alicia's blog the other day that her kits are sold out... so you are a lucky duck! Sweet cards from your girls. :) Enjoy your trip... looking forward to your pics! :)

  2. That's some good birthday loot, woman!
    Especially the sweet words from your

  3. So many good things! I am SO jealous of the Alicia Paulson decorations kit. And those cards from your girls - so sweet. Definitely something to treasure forever.


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