September 9, 2012

Let's Walk the Dog

I enjoyed a lazy stroll with my yorkie through the neighborhood down by the University of Montana last Thursday evening (part of my Walking 201 class, which I haven't been so good about attending. Ugh). The "M" in the photo sits about half way up Mount Sentinel, the mountain that drops right down onto the East end of campus. 

The college kids were out and about, biking home from campus, sitting on the lawn chatting, and a few were shooting hoops outside the dorms. Rows and rows of these bushes were blooming. I think they're butterfly bush?

I passed a homeowner mowing his lawn with a manual push mower and I though what an incredible groovy, environmentally-friendly dude he must be. I thought about getting my own push mower. Then I passed the same yard as my walk came full-circle a half hour later and he was still battling with it and had trimmed less than a three foot area since I'd passed earlier! Oh goodness, maybe I won't get one after all.

Some lucky little children own this sunny playhouse, complete with waving Peace flags. I bet they like to sleep out there sometimes.

This garage had been converted into a darling apartment.

Isn't that blue door delicious!


  1. I enjoyed your walk, Jenny :) I am not sure that is a butterfly bush, but it is beautiful whatever it is, and I like the blue door, too. The golden hill reminds me of the hills in CA at this time of the year. Thanks for posting!
    xx from Gracie

  2. Such pretty houses, especially the windows. It looks beautiful where you live - what a nice place to go for a walk. x

  3. What a good stroll.
    And what did the yorkie see,
    I wonder...

  4. What a wonderful walk and I remember the "M" well. We told Macy it was for her. :) Such cute homes in your neck of the woods! :)


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