September 19, 2012


Just when I feel like things have settled into a nice, easy pace and I've penned a list of what I'm planning to do with my day I find out it's 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day.' What!? Really?!

Honestly I have no idea how to talk like a pirate and it's really far from my personality to do so (I have a brother - Hi Andrew - who is just the kinda guy for pirate talk). I would however LOVE to look like Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean and possibly even fall in love with a pirate. That could be fun, I guess. But not really because I'm more of the homebody type and I get seasick.

So, I guess mostly I'd just want her hair and period clothing from the movie, although realistically I'd never have any place to wear those dresses.

Well, enough of that . . . I thought you might like to see these photos from this toocuteforwords store downtown Missoula — Noteworthy. This is their "back to school" front window decor.

I try not to go in this store too often, you know, with my paper addiction issues and all.


  1. Avast!
    Ooh arghh!
    And where be the rum?
    I'd have to stay clear of that darling store, too.
    Paper goods = treasure booty!

    1. Oooo Natalie - you would make an excellent pirate.

  2. Oooooooo the treasure in that store, Jenny!
    What fun it would be to plunder!!
    ~~~~x~~~~ marks the spot!!!

  3. Jenny, love to read your blogs. You are awesome!

  4. Did you see the recent pirate movie, it was rated "Arrr"!

  5. I could spend a lot of money in that shop, it looks like my kind of store!

    What is talk like a pirate day?? These "days" drive me mad - next Friday it's Roald Dahl day (allegedly) and Bella's school are doing dress up as a Roald Dahl character. I am totally stuck for ideas. More stress for parents...rant rant...

    1. I know what you mean about schools inflicting parent stress. Whew! it's always something. Maybe she can be Mathilda and just put a red bow in her hair and carry a copy of Moby Dick? Or stick some felt fox ears on a headband and she'd be "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"


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