February 19, 2013

In my neck of the woods

. . . I am thankful for red berries to brighten our drab landscapes

 . . . it's still cold, but there are more and more songbirds flitting around, singing and gathering on branches and power lines.

. . . I am thoroughly engrossed in The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood.

. . . it seems that Emma inadvertently touched the flu beads. Phooey. Poor thing is in bed as I type this.

. . . I've been on a classical music binge the last several days.

. . . we had a refreshing cucumber salad for dinner last night:
~ slice cucumbers
~ mix in a bowl with white wine vinegar, lots of dill, a few dashes of salt and a shake or two of sugar.

The whole family loved it. It felt summery.

. . . everyone is dreaming of Spring.

Dear Spring,
The groundhog said you were arriving early this year. Are you on your way? What's your estimated arrival date?

We are all so looking forward to seeing you!



  1. I'm enjoying bird song too. Our days are getting lighter and longer here. Hope it warms up for you soon xo

  2. Those red berries are beautiful. I spent several minutes looking at them. Sorry to hear Emma got sick after all, hope she's better soon.

  3. I love your photos, especially the last one. We've had a beautiful spring day, blue skies, sunshine and birdsong but it's supposed to turn cold again. Hope your wee one is well again soon - there's a terrible flu doing the rounds here.

  4. Sorry about the flu, it was probably in the air-
    I love your winter scenes, I kind of miss winter, we didn't really seem to have much of one and it already seems like Spring is here, in the 60's today and the crocus are blooming.

  5. Oh I used to love listening to classical music when the snow was falling. Seemed like a visual orchestration. Just when I was thinking of spring, we have a wicked ice storm heading our way. Hope your girl gets feeling better soon. I'll have to check out The Blind Assassin.

  6. Your photos are beautiful! Frame worthy for sure!Those red berries really stand out against the snowy backdrop..so pretty! I am going to try your Cucumber Salad. It sounds simple,fresh and yummy! I hope your little one is feeling better! Nasty ol' germs!!! Come on SPRING!!! Have a great day, penny x

  7. The days are getting lighter here. We've had some glorious bright sunshiny days but oh, still cold. My bones can't wait for the warmer weather to arrive.

    Hope your daughter gets better soon. I've been nursing so many colds this winter. Seems as soon as one goes I get another.

  8. I love those photos! I love colors against snow white. Gorgeous!!

  9. What a beautiful post. I love your words and
    all your pics are great, I especially love the last one, it has an air of magic about it.

  10. I love the pictures. The 2nd and 3rd are particularly poetic...

  11. Beautiful photos, especially the top one of the house. It looks like such a pretty house.

    We were teased with mild temperatures here last week, but it's turned so cold again. But at least the days are slowly getting longer and lighter.

    Gillian x

    ps. Sorry to hear Emma caught the flu. It might now have been the beads...maybe the doctor was infectious? ;-)

    1. That house is near the University here in town. I love the colors.

  12. Such lovely winter images.

    And I saw Papa Cardinal this morning, high atop a pine, singing his mating song … so no worries … spring is on the way!

    1. We don't have cardinals here in Montana which is so sad for me - they are so beautiful. Yay for Spring.


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