January 11, 2013

What Twain said

Twenty years from now you
will be more disappointed by
the things you didn’t do than
by the ones that you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch the winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

~ painting from the book A Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey ~

Wishing you all a weekend of exploring, dreaming and discovering. xx

Please note: * From now on I will be sending replies via email rather than replying here. Replying here just seemed a little weird to me because I never knew if people checked back and I hate imagining folks feeling ignored. 


  1. Love the quote and gorgeous painting! Have a wonderful weekend... and keep Izzy clear of the snacks! xo

  2. Hi Jenny...thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this quote and on today of all days it makes perfect sense since it's my birthday!
    I look forward to looking through your blog.
    One of my favorite characters is Scout Finch and Audrey Hepburn? What can you say about a gal like her!

  3. Robert McCloskey is a wonderful author! His books aren't that well-known anymore; I am impressed you have some! We have several in our library at school.

  4. Thanks for the inspiration, Jenny! I lost a comment I was trying to send you the other day from my iPad, and am now catching up on a few of your latest posts I missed.
    I hope that you will continue to pursue all the arts in which you are interested! Your words, drawing/painting, stitching, photography, are interesting/beautiful/funny, and in general life enriching. [Your pet's recent dietary choices reminded me of similar choices made by some of our pets...yuck : ), by-the-way.]
    After commenting back on my blog to commenters, I decided to visit their blogs and comment instead, for the most part, although I also send out emails and sometimes still respond in my blog comment section. I also check back to see if a blogger has responded to my comments within their blog comments...and have appreciated that you have been so consistent in doing so in your blog. However, I will be interested to see how you feel about your decision to reply via emails now.
    I enjoy interacting with you, Jenny : )

  5. One of my favorite quotes and one of my favorite books ... judging from your blog we have much in common. I'm going to spend a little time here and look around ... have a wonderful weekend!

  6. That is a very good quote, and I like that picture a lot. Wishing you the same weekend Jenny. I've been dreaming but not done much exploring or discovering I'm afraid. I've done a lot of childcare though, does that count?


    ps. I do check back. :-) And please don't feel ignored because I don't reply to comments much these days - it's a time thing...what isn't?? x

  7. Fantastic, let's not be disappointed then!! I never heard it before, thanks:~))

  8. Such an awesome quote and so true. Hope you've had a super weekend x

  9. That is a book I don't know, but the painting is so pretty! Love Twain! Have you read, "Following the Equator"? My favorite Twain!


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