December 14, 2012


This morning I have been watching some of the continuous coverage coming from the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. Reports say that at least 27 people, mostly children, have been killed and that 3 others are in the hospital.

I am horrified beyond words and my heart feels torn apart for the parents of those children. I simply cannot imagine the panic and horror of racing to that school and not finding your child among those at the evacuation site. Their precious, sweet grade-school children.

News like this is so confusing. So unfathomable. How can this happen? How can people capable of such acts be living among us?

I just don't know what to say.


  1. Reaching out... I share your grief and confusion.
    Nothing of this will ever make sense.
    God bless teachers, nurturers, caring,
    compassionate people.

  2. I've been having a really hard time with this today as well, along with much of the nation. I finally had to pull myself away from the tv, mostly because my children came home and I just wanted to be with them and not think about the tragedy for a moment or two.

    Before living in New Hampshire, we lived in Connecticut for 5 years, and I feel such a connection to that place.

  3. The pain of those affected closely is beyond words, let alone people watching the news. I have deliberately not watched anything on TV tonight as it it so upsetting. There seem to be a lot of these type of things happening of late,I wonder if Prozac is involved in many of them. Suicides too and murders in families by family members (behaving completely out of character) who were on Prozac.

  4. ...weeping with those who are weeping... while praying for the peace that passes understanding that is needed around the world to resist the terrors and insist that we continue to learn how better to be empowered to love... xx from Gracie

  5. It's totally devastating. Even all these miles away it is headline news and very,very upsetting. My heart goes out to those families. Such young children, it's just awful.

    Take care Jenny x


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