December 2, 2012

Tree hunt

Some years we're bundled up like Randy in "A Christmas Story," plodding along through two feet of snow. This year the snow is still up too high so we clomped through the rainy forest, searching for our 2012 Christmas tree.

True to tradition, Gary couldn't settle for any tree less than the perfection he was envisioning. The girls and I couldn't feel our toes. And there was a brief period of time where Gary forged ahead and we thought he'd gotten lost. It wouldn't feel right without any of these elements.

In the end, he found the ultimate tree.

Tonight we're digging out the boxes of ornaments and putting on Sinatra's "White Christmas." Time to deck the halls.


  1. Oh my....reindeer are truly making me homesick tonight! What a lovely time!

  2. The landscape where you live is breathtaking, Jenny. I do love the tree buying ritual. But we have a perfectly good fake tree in the attic and every year John and I "debate" whether to buy a real one which is much nicer (me) or save money and use the one we have (him). It's our little tradition. x

  3. Such a beautiful tradition...a trek for your tree:) Thanks for letting us peek into your adventure, Jenny! xx from Gracie


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