December 11, 2012

Easy paper ball ornaments

Paper Ball Ornaments (hang individually or string a whole garland)

You need:
- Pretty paper (ooooh, so fun)
- Paper circle punch or scissors and a circle template
- Double-sided tape (or glue)
- Twine

: Cut or punch out at least four circles for each ball (5 or 6 look fancier).

: Fold each circle in half

: Tape (or glue) each folded circle on top of one another, making a small stack. Place your twine, then seal the final edge to form ball.



  1. I may have to try this. Any craft tutorial that has "easy" in the title is fine by me! They look fun and pretty and very festive. x

  2. "Easy" always ropes me in too. But sometimes (especially with recipes) another person's idea of easy is NOT easy to me! These paper ornaments are soooo easy - promise.


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