December 19, 2012

Pieces of Christmas

How is it that it's almost Christmas and I'm still making runs to the post office and daily emergency shopping excursions? Geez.

It's been cold, cold, cold. I keep thinking about flannel nightgowns — the kind I wore as a little girl that went all the way to my ankles and had long sleeves. I kinda want one. Has anyone ever made one? I wonder if it would be a beginner-type sewing project or if I'd end up wearing a bizarre flannel tent.


  1. Every year my mum used to make me a new flannelette nightie or pj's. I was allowed to choose the prettiest was always lemon or pink or baby blue. They were always so cosy, in fact a bit too warm at first 'cos it was always autumn when she made them. I loved them too, when they 'wore in' and were just soft and comfortable.

  2. My mom always made them for me, too! I am not a seamstress, but I can imagine you enjoying having a go at making one, Jenny:) xx from Gracie

  3. Love the pics... we always had that old Christmas candy when I was little. We had the nightgowns too. I am sure there are still patterns for that style... you can wear one when you're in your 'Little House on the Prairie' phase. Should be coming up soon if we were just in the 1700's not long ago... :)

  4. Love your blog - you have all my favourite things/people/books in your header picture. I just made my first ever quilt and backed it with flannelette - it is so COSY! Have a lovely Christmas. xCathy

  5. Flannel would be so cosy. And a good starter project because, if it all goes wrong (which it wont, of course!) then it doesn't matter as no-one will ever know.

    Lovely pieces of Christmas - I could just eat one of those sweets right now. x

  6. It's the same with me! All of the running around and I think I'm done, and then all of the sudden, I remember something else. Drives me a little cuckoo.

    I had those flannel gowns and I loved those! Now I am wanting one. :)

    Love these gorgeous Christmas photos!

  7. Wishing you have a Magic Christmas :0)
    (Almost about me too :0)
    With lot of love from Moscow
    Natasha &Fam


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