April 9, 2012

Bunnies & Chickies

Yesterday being a glorious, sunshiny Easter, we knew Opal and Alice deserved to spend the entire day in their grassy yard area. After all, they are bunnies and it was Easter.

Their usual pen is one any rabbit would be proud to call home. It's large and warm, with lots of outdoor and indoor space, but it surely can't compete with the feel of real grass beneath the feet, so I felt so happy for them as the girls plunked them into their play yard. May through October they spend a lot of their days in the grass – digging big holes in the dirt, basking in the sunshine and eating every dandelion leaf in sight. Yesterday though, they actually looked a little hot out there. It was only 60 degrees but they are still dressed in their warm winter coats and have a lot of winter fat insulating their bones. Gary gave them a little shaded area when he noticed them actually panting. Poor things!

In other news, baby chicks are in the store! Man, they are soooo stinkin' cute. Like drunken little fuzz-balls they all huddle together, wobbly and squinty-eyed under the heat lamp, yelling so hard you can see their tiny pink tongues. It's all I can do not to bring home a few in a cardboard box. And oh my goodness, Gary would blow a gasket if I showed up with a pile of peeping chickies. After all, it wasn't long ago that I spontaneously adopted Izzy, and the year before that the girls and I came home with Opal & Alice. I shouldn't press my luck.

But someday I plan to have a tiny flock. It's on my list.

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