April 29, 2012

Garden Starts

While purchasing a new blade for the lawnmower these herb and cherry tomato plants jumped in my cart. I knew with our schizophrenic weather I couldn't plant them yet, but they were so darn cute and perky I figured they could spend a few weeks on my window sills. In the warm part of the day they get to sit on the back deck but when the sun dips below the hill the temperature plummets and they have to come in.

I brush their leaves with my hands whenever I walk by and the whole air fills with wonderful aromas – that deep tomato plant smell, the zing of Rosemary, the tang of cilantro – DIVINE! Sometimes I even nibble a piece of the cilantro, just for fun.

Yesterday I went to an antique/vintage show at the fairgrounds and spent three hours in pure vintage heaven. Come back and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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