April 10, 2012

A Girl called Birdy


I'd never heard of this girl before but she's this weeks #1 most-played song on my iTunes. Not only is this an amazing cover of Bon Iver but I really want to try on all of Birdy's cool vintage dresses. I wish I had the guts just to wear dresses like these all the time instead of all my usual (yawn) clothes. And while I'm being jealous, I actually kinda wish I went by a cool nickname like Birdy. Maybe I could be Buggy or Coyote. Ya know, there actually was a couple month period in 7th grade when I went by "Cricket." (Remind me to tell you that story later.) Maybe I could try to bring that name back? I could be an eccentric lady named Cricket who wears old thick lacey dresses. My kids would be mortified.

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