April 14, 2012

Feeling Icky

Yesterday I felt icky almost all day. Nothing too terrible, just one of those kinds where you can tell there is something amiss and you decide not to eat anything just in case it all takes a turn for the worse. I worked and ran errands and did my usual thing anyway and by evening I felt pretty good. 

I walked to a neighbors house to meet with a bunch of other mothers. We all came with calendars and visions of summer camps in our heads and hoped to find a week when all our daughters could go to sleep-away camp together at Flathead Lake. There was wine and snackies and I hadn't eaten all day so it all looked pretty darn good.

By the time we disbanded (two hours later) we hadn't been successful at finding a week that worked for everyone – but I had been successful in consuming two glasses of wine and nearly an entire bag of some sort of AMAZING chip from Costco. It probably wasn't the best decision I've made because today I woke up feeling crappy again and now I don't know if it was the wine and ten pound of chips or if I really do have some sort of virus. *sigh*

AND, sadly, it's a beautiful, sunny Saturday. I could be out prepping the garden soil or doing general yard cleanup, but I'm on the couch staring at the view out my window, trying to muster the energy to at least go out and put the bunnies in their grassy pen. I do feel up for some handwork though so I'm going to get started on the embroidery project that I mention in an earlier post. I went ahead and ordered Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion last week. It is a beautiful book and has detailed descriptions of many different stitch types so I think it will be really helpful when I move on to more difficult projects. The book hasn't arrived yet, but I found some basic stitch descriptions online so I'm going to start on the kitchen towel design today and just try my best.

Wish me luck! Oh, and the daffodils are hours away from blooming! Hoorah!

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