April 4, 2012

Forever 21?

Today we hit the mall for a little summer clothes shopping and Emma immediately took us to "Forever 21" because we don't have one in Montana. All I can say about this store is DON'T LET THE NAME FOOL YOU. In no way is your body going to look "forever 21," no matter what you chose to wear, and I don't care that you still feel as hip, fun and jiggy as you did when you were in college. While there are some perfectly fine options for the Gen Xers among us, be aware that you must choose wisely and make sure you try things on because many of them make middle-aged mothers look like street-walkers, or worse. I found what I thought was a moderate-length, not-too-tight skirt and decided to try it on (I mean it was only $11 for pete's sake!). Ohhh Lordy, you should've seen my face when I turned to look in the mirror. I could not get that thing off fast enough!

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