July 6, 2012

Day 1 : Missoula to Twin Falls

Whew! We made it to Twin Falls, Idaho in one piece and no one threw up or stepped in any dog poo (although a young family next to us at a rest stop had both of those things happen in their car, poor things).

Izzy went to the kennels this morning (boo hoo) but she's safe and that's what counts. The big dogs will stay home and Gary's mom will come take care of them twice a day (she just lives down the road from us). I think I turned off the stove, unplugged things that might self-ignite, and closed the garage door. That dang garage door, it's always a sorce of worry, isn't it? I'll be getting on the freeway and suddenly ask Gary "Oh! Did we shut the garage door?" He assures me we did but I still fret for another five miles or so and then I open my Diet Coke and everything is fine.

Highlights so far:

1. Miles of green potato fields

2. Driving through Spencer, Idaho, the Opal Capitol of the World (I never even knew an Opal capitol existed!)

3. Eating Taco Bell in Idaho Falls

4. Two seperate hysterical family convos that made me laugh so hard I cackled

5. Hot tea in the lobby of the hotel

On the downside:
My butt feel flat and achy. Also the roof of my mouth is sore from eating too many caramel ricecakes. They were really addictive and I couldn't stop, even when I started feeling completely grossed-out by them.

The word we're getting is that there is no internet at the house in Tahoe, which has sent everyone into a bit of a panic. How did we ever live without it? But I'm hoping to find a way to touch base at least once this week. We'll see. Needless to say I'll document all the fun of the trip and report in detail when I get home.

Have a great week my dears! I miss you already!


  1. Fun...such apt descriptions that help me feel I am looking over your shoulder and enjoying the view:) Joy to you and yours as the miles roll by...and Jenny, I am counting on you to be brave and creatively confront any internet drought :)
    Gracie <3

  2. ... I reckon there might be a town in Australia that would rival that opal claim! Meanwhile road tripping through idaho s certainly some pretty country! And I completely get the " did we shut x" thing.


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