July 30, 2012

Crocheted Round Pillow ~ Ta Da!


Well, it's about time I showed off a creation. It's been quite a while since I stitched up my throw pillow covers and I needed one last pillow to round out the look in the living room, so I pondered and stewed, then settled on a basic round crocheted pillow. I would have loved to tried my hand at this one but I don't feel ready for that yet. Just looking at the instructions makes my palms sweat. I'm putting it on my "someday" list though. 

Because she's my crocheting hero, I used Lucy's (Attic24) directions for crocheting a flat circle. She changes yarn color throughout but I just stuck with the single yarn. Surprisingly things went quite smoothly and quickly. I completed the multi-colored front side in just two evenings and the back side in just one evening. I used Sugar-n-Cream Twist yarn in Cottage Twist for the front and a cream Sugar-n-Cream variety for the back side, then attached the two sides with some of the colored yarn and a large needle. Sugar-n-Cream yarns come in the yummiest colors. I just love that brand!

Here's the finished product sitting nestled among her pillow friends on the couch. I think the cream side is cool and calming for these hot Summer days but I know I'll love flipping it to the colored side when Fall blows in and the holidays arrive. It feels warm and festive, don't you think? I must say, I'm very pleased with myself. I know it is a bit wobbly and I probably should've stuffed it a little fuller, but hey - it was my first round pillow so I'm cutting myself a little slack.

So hot here in Montana (95 degrees). The dogs are all laying on their side in the shade. Even the bunnies are panting. (Did you even know that bunnies panted? I didn't until we got these)

Is it hot where you are?


  1. Just in the 70s here, Jenny, but sunny and no rain =) Your pillow is very nice! I have never tried to crochet a pillow cover, but you inspire me to put such a project on "my list." Thanks for sharing!
    Hugs from Gracie

  2. Do your talents ever run out?!!? I'm impressed.


    1. Oh Theresa - you should see me in the kitchen. It's not pretty. :)

  3. It's so pretty! Well done. I am still stuck in beginner granny square mode, crocheting into a stitche takes me SO long. The circle pattern that you've done makes my palms sweat - I am a long way off that! I really like the cream side, the pale colour shows off the textures in the pattern.

    Sugar'n'Cream - that is the best name for a brand of yarn!

    1. Gillian,
      It's actually super easy. You just double-crochet the whole thing. I think Granny Squares look a lot harder.


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