July 22, 2012

Heads Up

See my new hats. I bought them because I'm trying to be adventurous.

I've never been a hat person. Growing up I did everything I could to avoid wearing them. Of course it was the 80's and hats could really mess up those big hairdos. By the time I was in my 20's I'd never worn hats so I just didn't feel like I would know how to rock one.

But now I've decided: "I'd like to be a hat person." People in hats seem like cool people, they seem brave and they always look so happy and fun. I'd like to be all those things.

I like the woven one with the orange-ish band because it's so Audrey Hepburnish, don't you think? And the conductor hat is very Scout Finchy - spunky, tomboyish, ready for anything.

My goal is to force myself the wear them until I get over my weird hesitations and begin to feel naturally "hatty."

Sometimes when I ramble on about such trivial stuff like his I feel like an idiot. For pity's sake, there are people starving and countries on the brink of civil war and here I am fussing over hats. Oh dear.


  1. Thats funny...I guess I never have seen you in a hat.

  2. Karin Clark-CassensJuly 23, 2012 at 7:54 AM

    Those are such cute hats, I bet they look great on you!


  3. I am not a hat person either, I don't look great in them so I just don't try anymore, but my youngest-Natalie looks so cute in hats and I love it when she wears them, I also love to see people in hats-(real hats, not just baseball caps)I always do a second look, thinking "I wish I could wear hats". I'd love to see you in your hats! Geez could I say hats one more time!

    1. You crack me up!

      I haven't worn them yet. I keep thinking they don't got with the clothes I have on. Hmmm - this project may be a failure.

  4. Your characterization of your new hats is accurate, Jenny....so I think you must force yourself to try them out!

    As for whether you should be focused on hats when parts of the world are struggling with starvation and civil war, I find such contrasts spur me on to gratitude for the many blessings I have, and help me be more willing to share with others from that abundance...so your fussing over hats might be your first step toward eliminating hunger in the world and bringing peace to the world as well...just saying... =)
    Hugs from Gracie

    1. Gracie - you are such a sweet woman. I love the idea that my hats may inspire me to share with others.



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