July 23, 2012


Riverfront walk. 
Watching the kayakers on the Clark Fork. 
Neighborhood kids playing in the backyard. 
Gelato from here
Movie at the historic Wilma theater downtown.

I love living here.


  1. Lovely blog Jenny! We loved Missoula too... went two summers ago and really enjoyed it. DD's fav' was the outdoor water park, of course. Thanks much for your visit and comment on my blog. :)

    1. Glad you stopped by! Yes, the water park is fun (and pretty inexpensive too, which is a bonus!)

  2. I can't believe you live here! I assumed they were vacation photos and seeing them made me wish I was off again (I'm just back- literally yesterday). Looks beautiful!

  3. Hi, Jenny! I'm so glad you came to visit my small blog and enjoy your visit too :o) thank you so much for your kind words, you're so sweet :o) I love your alive pictures and your cute blog as well. I would love to keep in touch with you, will post a link to your blog at my sidebar :o)
    Lot of love from Russia

    1. Natalia, It's so good to have you stop by. I'm so excited to have found your blog and can't wait to learn all about life there in Russia.

  4. Thanks for posting the photos of the lovely location where you live! I failed to appreciate Montana's beauty 40 years ago when as newlyweds my husband and I rolled through a pasture in Canada to enter the USA through Wild Horse, Montana. While at Banff in Canada our car broke down and we had difficulty getting it repaired so we decided to try to re-enter the USA at the nearest entry point which was Wild Horse. The entry was memorable, but our angst about our transportation blunted my appreciation of any natural beauty around us...
    Hugs from Gracie

  5. I would love to live there too! Or anywhere more rural than this city for that matter. I really, really want to go to a cinema called "Wilma" and eat gelato.


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