July 18, 2012

'Taters & Turbines

On our drive through Southern Idaho I took these photos.

I've never seen so many potato fields in my life. Just huge bright green expanses of potatoes. Row, upon row, upon row. Mmmmm – french fries. Mashed, baked, double baked. I love potatoes. As the sun began to set all the sprinklers came on to water the fields. It was an unreal amount of sprinkling and the cool water on the hot fields turned the air sweet and rich.

There was a large crop of wind turbines, which I also love. I know some people think they're an eyesore, but I get absolutely giddy when I can see them slowly turning in the distance. They make me feel so HOFEFUL – like we really are going to save this planet after all. Plus they remind me a lot of those ominous 'At-At Walkers' from The Empire Strikes Back. Remember those huge walking things in one of the early sequences of the movie? They were so freaky! Well the wind turbines are like that too, a little. They appear suddenly in a large group on the horizon and then as you get closer you realize just how massive they are and you feel very small and kind of in awe of them (see the tiny house next to them in that second pic). They stand silently turning in the wind, creating energy for all of us so we can blow-dry our hair and read by lamplight in the evenings. Thank you wind turbines!


  1. Beautiful, Jenny! Wind Turbines help me feel hopeful too:)
    Gracie <3

  2. That sunset = WOW! Amazing.

    Turnbines are so cool. I've never seen a crop of them together like that in person before.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erica!

      There were probably 30 in this batch, but I've seen about a hundred of them in a group in Washington State. Super cool!

  3. What a great description of the wind turbines!



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