September 28, 2012

shooting the moon with new camera

Last night.

Thousands of miles away, under this same moon, my brother and his wife awaited the birth of their firstborn.

Today they welcomed their son Townes into the world. Welcome little one.


  1. Beautiful photos - I find taking good photos at night almost impossible (maybe I should read the camera manual?) but yours are so clear.

    Congratulations to your brother - welcoming that first baby into the world, a special time.

  2. Joy! Thanks for posting your good news, Aunt Jenny, and for sharing the beautiful pictures of the moon. We are supposed to have a full harvest moon show itself tonight.
    xx from Gracie

  3. A lovely moon here tonight too... congrats to your brother and his new little family! A special time indeed. :)

  4. So it's true then... there IS something special about full moons! Congratulations, auntie!


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