September 12, 2012

Unexpected Visitor: Jack Frost

Criminy! I didn't pay attention to the weather guy and the temperature dipped below freezing last night, leaving a thin layer of frost on our corner of the world. My poor unexpecting tomatoes! Fortunately I harvested lots of cherry tomatoes earlier this week, but the larger ones (and there are lots of them!) were all still green, so I left them to keep on sucking up the sunshine. *large sigh* This gardening thing is not really a strong skill of mine.

The chilly air reminded me that I have been a little lazy about working on Emma's blanket. I started it early last spring but as the days warmed the urgency waned and I've all but ignored it now for the last two months. Time to get busy so my gal can snuggle up before the snow flies.

Kate is feeling much better and is putting in a full day of school today. Her neck is still a bit stiff but things improve daily. I told her no jumping on the trampoline for a while.

Tomorrow she and some of her friends are joining the middle school show choir ~ go Glee! Don't Stop Believin'! 

p.s. A couple business items: I've added a button on the right so you can "Join this site" and get updates through Google. Also, if you go to my Facebook page you can 'like' Audrey Finch there and I update my status whenever a new blog post uploads. 

As always, thanks for reading. 


  1. Jack was busy... he stopped by our place a couple of nights ago too. Last night M wrapped our lone pumpkin in a scarf so he'd be cozy. Lovely pics. :)

    1. That sneaky Jack guy - always dropping in too early. I bet your weather is pretty similar to mine since we're not too far apart.

  2. Oh, hurrah for your google button - that's how I read all my blogs, so yay!

    It's turned cool here too. Not frosty cold, but about 9°C or 48°F in the mornings which is a lot chillier than the weekend when it was in the seventies. Hello Autumn!

    1. I'm past 40 so my techno savvy isn't always so great. Better late on the button than never though!

      I'm still hoping for some warm days for you guys there. Seems like things were a little too damp and dreary there this summer.

  3. You're more techno savvy than I am when it comes to buttons and FB, Jenny.
    I have gotten myself into all sorts of computer tangles with FB in particular...lost in cyberspace~~~~ : ) Your pretty blanket encourages me to work on the two blankets I have in the works. So glad your daughter is feeling much better!
    xxx from Gracie


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