August 13, 2012

EmmaBean turns FourTeen

Remembering the birth of my firstborn:

August 8, 1998

1. It was a Friday night, more than a week before my due date
2. I ate an Eggo for dinner
3. We started watching the movie "L.A. Confidential"
4. Gary didn't believe me when I said the contractions started at 3 minutes apart
5. She was born in four short hours at 4:19 a.m.
6. It was a girl! (I had thought so all along!)
7. She was 5-1/2 pounds and looked like a whispy baby monkey
8. The nurse said "Her hair is the color of gingerbread!"
9. We named her Emma Claire
10. I kept thinking we had just witnessed a miracle

artwork by sarah jane studio on etsy 



  1. Happy Birthday Miss Emma! Ten lovely points about that special day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Emma! Such a beautiful, simple post. I am trying to think what i was doing then...I think i was on holiday in California with my family before starting my third year at University.

    What is an Eggo? x

    1. It's a frozen pre-made waffle. You just toast it and it's ready. (guess we didn't feel like making dinner that night).

  3. That is one beautiful birth-day story.
    Happy Birthday, indeed.

  4. Happy Birthday, Emma Claire!
    I hope you and yours are having a lovely celebration!!
    Gracie xxx


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