August 20, 2012

My Hollyhocks

I never intended this blog to be some sort of catalog of all my encounters with flowers but somehow I seem to end up posting lots of flower pix. Hope you don't mind. Soon enough it will be Autumn and I'm sure I'll move on to other gifts of nature – fallen leaves, bare tree branches, endless mounds of snow. But for now I present hollyhocks, in whites, reds, and purplish-pinks.


  1. I LOVE your hollyhocks Jenny! I have never planted any, but am going to try and find space for some in the spring (or plant seeds this fall). They are gorgeous! :)

  2. Your hollyhocks are so lovely and robust. I have never been able to start them from seed, so was really excited this year to find a nursery that had some two foot tall plants for sale. Mine have all bloomed but I think I have not watered them faithfully enough because some buds are just drying up instead of opening. My Auntie Ruth had hollyhocks growing by the side house door at Stone House Farm in MA so seeing hollyhocks pleasantly remind me of her.
    Gracie x

  3. I just love hollyhocks. Apparently they are quite hardy plants so I think I should try them in my garden as I am no gardener. They grew everywhere in the Cotswolds, just out of cracks in the pavement. So pretty.

  4. Such beautiful hollyhocks - they always remind me of an English cottage garden.

    Nina x


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